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Opp Ward no. 6, Akota, Vadodara
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Venus Super-Speciality Hospital:

Venus Super-Speciality Hospital is located at Old Padra road, Vadodara (Gujarat, India). We provide various services like Neurosurgery and Spine and Urology. We have various departments like Radiology, Ambulance and Pharmacy with Modern facilities like operation theatre, wheel chair, cashless facility, cafeteria, pathology, fire safety, central AC and qualified medical officers we are the best super-speciality hospital in Vadodara.

What People Are Saying About Us

Read the testimonials by happy customers and their loved ones.

Most pleasant surgery, firstly I was so afraid, when came from South Africa with excruciating pain for the last 16 yrs …on both of my legs with veins. Surgery was painless. Dr sumit met me for the first-time yet all my reports were done. He gently informed me about the process and told me all will be fine. Personally Dr Sumit is very soft in speaking and a truly calm person, only I was a little embarrassed and shy for my veins, But I felt nothing and when I awoke I was shocked that it was all over. I did a follow-up after a week and was fine and back home in a week… THANK You Dr. Sumit you have brought back my confidence. I Will recommend VENUS HOSPITAL too all throughout the world. thanks to you.

Faruk Patel

We went there for Treatment of spine surgery of my father, Mr M.K.Makwana and he was treated well by doctor Rakesh Luhana. He is very experienced and very polite and always keen to listen and resolve queries we have as patients. We got the best treatment. The staff is also excellent and Cleanliness is also highly maintained. We went to almost 4 hospitals for finding the root cause of his degraded health. Finally, we connected to Dr Rakesh Luhana sir and he diagnosed well. From the very first visit, he concluded the operation requirement of the spine. Normally, we tend to avoid spine surgery considering its criticality but trust me, Dr Rakesh Luhana is a brilliant doctor and we don't have to worry at all. We did not find any difficulty even after the surgery. I would surely recommend Doctor Rakesh Luhana sir for any spine-related issue. Kudos to Venus Super speciality hospital

M .K. Makwana

My son, Naksh Madlani, is 9 months old and was suffering from “Lipomeningocele”. He was operated at Venus Super Speciality Hospital by Surgeons Dr. Rakeshkumar Luhana and Dr. Jinil Doshi. They are really good surgeons and my son is now completely alright. Also, Management and other staff of the hospital is too good and they treat patient and their relatives like a family.

Mihir Madlani

I am here for anticoagulant. I have been hospitalized in Venus hospital with Lever Dysfunction issue causing internal bleeding in thigh and spine area. My case is in under Dr. Jinil Doshi, he is an excellent doctor and all other doctors in this hospital are very good. Diagnosis, Treatment is excellent. Staffs are very supportive. Facilities are also very good

Bhavik Gajjar

Operation of Mr. Bhagvatiprasad Acharya for prostate was conducted under Urology Surgeon Dr. Maulesh Dholakia. Overall experience with the doctor’s during stay is excellent. Cleanliness in the hospital is up to mark and maintenance is good. Excellent facilities provide with reasonable rates, very co-operative medical, nursing and service staff. Very happy to land here for treatment

Naileshkumar Mistry

Thank you so much for the difference you make in the lives of your patients! Your kindness, sincere, caring, and concern make everything better and are a great encouragement.” It is appreciable the way for taking care of my son and being so skilled at what you do. From today to coming days of life, my son will be better because of you. Thank You Very much Dr. Rakesh Patel

Parikshit Pathak

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